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Membership & Benefits
NAR-INDIA has 3 categories of Membership:
1. Member Association
Any association of real estate brokers / agents / consultants in any city in India can join NAR-INDIA by signing up our Charter Agreement. For more details, please  contact Hon.Secretary, NAR-INDIA at E-Mail:
2. Membership at Large
What is NAR-India’s Membership at Large Category?
NAR-INDIA is an association of associations.  It admits only associations as its members.  However, in some cities in India, there are no real estate associations who are members of NAR-INDIA, while there are persons there who are interested to join NAR-INDIA.
Therefore, to enable such persons in such cities to join NAR-INDIA, this category has been created.  Membership At-Large therefore, is a special category of membership where an individual real estate agent or a real estate broking company can apply directly to NAR-INDIA to become an INTERIM MEMBER of  NAR-INDIA until such time an association is created in that city and NAR-INDIA affiliates itself to such an association in the city concerned.

Further, in some cities, although NAR-INDIA member associations do exist, some people are not interested to join such existing associations and desire to form another association in the same city.  Therefore, till such time this happens, such individuals can join NAR-INDIA in this category.
Minimum Qualifications to become an INTERIM member of NAR-INDIA’s Member At-Large category are:
Successful completion of the RE-MET (Real Estate Membership Entry Test) certification with a minimum passing score of 50%.
» Must be over 18 years of age. With minimum of high school certification
Must hold a valid PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India
» Must be in business for over 2 years and have an independent office
Must submit two personal reference letters: One from Chartered Accountant and one from Local Bank.
Other conditions:
» Must abide by the NAR-INDIA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
This category of membership will not make candidates eligible to have any Voting Rights in NAR-INDIA
» Candidate is not part of the Governing Body
» Cannot stand for election to any office in NAR-INDIA
Who can Join under this Category ?
Any individual / company / firm  in the business of real estate brokerage consultancy (realtor / real estate broker / real estate consultant / real estate agent).
Fees for First Year = Rs.11,000/- only  ( Entry Fee of Rs.5,000/- + Annual Subscription of  Rs.2,000/- + NAR, USA Fees of  Rs.4,000/- )
Fees for Subsequent years = Rs. 6,000/- only (Annual Subscription of  Rs.2,000/- + NAR, USA Fees of  Rs.4,000/- )
3. Institutional Associate Member
Any institution associated with the business of real estate ( vis. Banks, Housing Finance Institutions, etc.)
a) Access to mailing directory of all NAR-INDIA members
b) 4 delegate passes to NAR-INDIA Annual Conventions
c) Free Kiosk Space at NAR-INDIA Annual Convention for first three years
FEES : Rs. 3,00,000/- one time

DURATION of membership : 10 years
The Key benefits of acquiring NAR-INDIA membership are:
» Beneficiary of a credible image of the realtor profession in India
» National and international level business networking opportunities
» Consumer recognition in local as well as global markets
» International visibility of local business thru' global niche listing
» Platform for lobbying with governments for benefit of the profession
Opportunity for skill upgradation thru' various education programmers, conferences and conventions on a continuing basis
» Access to accepted standard procedures, practices and products
» Platform for grievance redressal and conflict resolution
» Access to the globally recognized REALTOR logo, subject to conditions.
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